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Graphic & Website Design

Website design

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Self-taught, I enjoy putting my creativity to use and have now designed a few different websites. This is a skill that keeps me on my toes, continually learning the technical side and  how to marry an organisation's values with how their website is portrayed. It's also great to be able to help organisations or individuals that are not able to employ a professional website designer, get a presence online!

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Graphic Design

I became interested in graphic design when I worked with a graphic designer friend ( to create the Slalom Inspires logo and brand. I really enjoyed this outlet for my creative side. Then, during lockdown due to COVID-19, I decided to enrol in a Graphic Design Diploma online. This course is structured learning of design software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop and it also dives into the fundamentals of design and font. I am loving learning new things every day and getting to play about creating things for myself and friends. 

Helen tartan polygraphy-01-01.jpg
Final logo - for screens-16.jpg
Compilation B&W 1.jpg
Movie poster 1 small.png

Logo for a friend's project

Movie poster attempt

Polygonal vector art of a friend paddling

Photoshop collage of athletes in the #UNLOCKED program

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