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What is Slalom Inspires?

Slalom Inspires is an organisation that I created in 2018 that is aiming to inspire and empower girls through the incredible sport of canoe slalom. Now the organisation is run by myself and a passionate group of volunteers. We hope that putting on really fun events for girls in canoeing, introducing them to badass role models, creating opportunities for our girls  that they may not get otherwise and equip them with the skills to gain confidence and inspiration, that they will become the best versions of themselves. Sport has the capacity to completely change lives. We want every girl to have the same chance at the life changing magic as her male counterpart. 


Where did it come from?

I have always had a passion for empowering women in sport because sport has this incredible ability to change lives, it has changed mine for sure! I graduated from Edinburgh University in 2018 and was then stopped canoeing due to a shoulder injury. With my newfound free time I had this little idea about running an event for the girls in my sport... Fast forward a few months and we had 60 girls and 50+ volunteers come from all over the UK to the first ever Slalom Inspires event! There was this incredible sense of positivity, supportiveness and magic in the air over the weekend that meant it quickly became obvious this couldn't be the end. Slalom Inspires has developed into this crazy initiative that is (hopefully!) changing the lives of girls all over the UK. A year and a half in and we have run 5 events (& 1 virtual one), had over 100 different girls attending events, countless passionate volunteers and talks from badass role models such as Dame Katherine Grainger. I am continually blown away by the overwhelming love and support from the girls, parents, volunteers, organisations and the whole canoe slalom community. There are some pretty special people in the world and our sport seem to have a lot of them. This project has empowered me to do more and be better. I am exceptionally proud of it. If you fancy getting involved just get in touch!

UK Sport social impact award

In 2019 I won the first ever UK Sport Social Impact Award for my work with Slalom Inspires. To be presented the award by Katherine Grainger, one of my role models, was incredible!

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